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Holistic Health Coaching

Navigating the journey to better health can be overwhelming with so many varying and often conflicting approaches. A health coach's role is to guide you through this maze, helping you understand and meet your unique body's needs to thrive.

Our expert Holistic Health Coach, Stephanie Fairbank, specializes in gut health and parental/family wellbeing. She addresses a range of issues, including digestion, fatigue, sleep disturbances, hormone imbalances, and weak immune response. Her approach is rooted in the belief that small changes to daily habits can have a profound and lasting impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Stephanie's methodology integrates the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with Western holistic health practices. She offers personalized guidelines to help clients use food as medicine and understand seasonal energetics, ultimately supporting long-term health and longevity.


5 Step Gut Reset
(1:1 Consultation -50min)

What's Included:

5 Step Guide PDF: Detailed instructions with foods to include and exclude.

Personalized Advice: Customized guidance on the 5 Step Gut Reset.

 Gut Healing Overview: Information on gut-healing and supportive foods.

Nourishing Recipe: 1x tailored recipe to support your gut health.

Reclaim Your Health
(3x 1:1 coaching sessions -roughly 14 weeks)

What's Included:

Comprehensive Review: Personalized diet and well-being assessment.

Tailored Health Advice: Customized guidance based on your goals.

 Food as Medicine: Learn food energetics and how to use food as medicine.

Longevity Principles: Insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Seasonal Recipe Bundles: Four bundles, each containing 14 recipes.

Supportive Materials: Includes foods to avoid and include, pantry essentials list, a guide to using spices as medicine, meal-building tips to stabilize blood sugar, a list of pro- and prebiotic foods, tips to beat a sweet tooth, and more! 

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