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Pilates Mat FAQ:

Join us for a weekly online group Pilates mat class from the comfort of your own home! Our expert instructor will lead you through a series of invigorating Pilates exercises that will help you build strength, improve flexibility, and boost your overall well-being. In just one hour, you'll tone your muscles, increase your core strength, and improve your posture.

What do I need for my Pilates Mat class (via Zoom)

You will need a mat, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, and a water bottle. You will also need a stable Internet connection.


How do I set up my space for the class?

It is important to set up a quiet, comfortable space where you can move freely without any distractions or obstacles. Make sure that your device is positioned so that your instructor can see you clearly, and that you have enough room to move in all directions. 


Can I still receive individual attention during the class?

Yes, even though the class is online, your instruction can still provide individual attention and modifications to the exercises as needed. They may ask you to move closer to the camera or adjust your position to ensure that you are using proper form and technique.


What can I expect after a Pilates Mat class?

After class, you may feel more energized and focused. You may also feel some muscle soreness, particularly in the core muscles, as they are the focus of many Pilates exercises. This soreness should subside within a day or two. It is important to stay hydrated and stretch gently after class to help alleviate any soreness and prevent injury. 

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